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Drivers in the UK are being short changed when it comes to motoring, with the country being named as the most expensive place on earth to run a car.

No worries – that all depends on your circumstances really as you have to bear in mind that third party only cover will only pay out for any damage done to third party vehicles or property, meaning you’ll have to foot the repair bill for your own vehicle if you’re at fault in an accident. No worries! You may continue coverage without interruption, subject to policy terms and conditions.9 You’d be able to pay your insurance premiums through ExpressIT® our EFT payment plan, or by credit/debit card, through bills received by mail, or, in some cases, by pension deduction. No claims bonuses can usually be transferred to another car, but if you switch insurers before the year is up, you won’t get the NCB.

No! The clever thing about MultiCar is that you get discounts on each car you insure. And you can spread the cost by paying for your insurance over twelve months. No!! Not from what I read anyway. When the new PIP comes into force walking will not have a lot to do with it, it will now be to be mobile, that how I understand it hopefully Im wrong but thats how it looks from my end. No, as per road traffic legislation drivers must be seizure free for 12 months before they are permitted to drive again.


No, before some troll says it, Godwin’s law does not apply, as the analogy is clearly relevant to current times. No, but you can change your future billing dates at any time. Esurance opts for automatic payments to help customers avoid a lapse in coverage and prevent uninsured driving. No, Carrot will ensure your telematics device is installed prior to you taking delivery of your vehicle. Only once this has been done can your insurance cover commence.

No, Chip and PIN replaces using a signature to confirm transactions – as you haven’t signed for these in the past, you won’t need to enter your PIN. But you may be asked to enter the 3 digit security code shown on the back of your card. No, from 1st December 2012, Allianz will no longer use a person’s gender as a factor in determining his/her premium.

No, cover can be arranged by private individuals as well as businesses. We would however recommend that cover be taken out in the same name as the hire agreement. No, Green Motion only guarantees the vehicle category however for an additional fee you can select the make and model by choosing our ‘Guarantee Make and Model’ option during the booking process. No, it does not affect the performance of the car and it does not invalidate your manufacturers’ warranty.

No, if you are immediate family then you can live at different addresses. So if your son or daughter has left home you can still all get the benefits of a MultiCar discount. No, this doesn’t include the words that you find in an economist’s dictionary; in insurance, this means that something is measured or valued by the amount of cash it is thought to represent.


No, it cannot be seen from the outside of the car so it will not be evident that your car has a telematics device installed. We don’t provide details of where the box is installed, as a hidden location will help us with theft tracking. No, once you take out the policy and black box has been installed, it stays in the car for the duration of your policy. No, seriously, it’s always good to know about reputable companies and if it helps another member, all the better. No, the smart choice is to be aware enough to see the correct out. It’s a very rare situation that doesn’t have an out, unless the driver put themselves in the bad position.

no, the application and administration for Motability, is through Motability itself, the application and admin for a blue badge is through the local Authority and the new central scheme where the badges are now produced. They are two separate entities. No, the PHEV is fitted with a circuit breaker that cuts all power from the drive battery in the event of the vehicle detecting a serious collision. Power is cut from the battery if the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) deploys, therefore, averting any danger of electrocution. No, the telematics box will not affect your car’s performance, and will not affect any electrical components or systems.

No, this learner driver insurance policy is designed to cover a car that belongs to someone else whilst you are driving so the car must remain insured by the main owner for other risks. No, we are unable to change payment due dates, as they are linked to when your statement is due, which is a fixed date set by us. No, we do not transfer the no claims bonus from an individual name to a company name or from a company name to an individual name.

No, you can be accompanied by anyone who meets their criteria: aged 25-75 or over with a full UK driving licence held for at least 3 years, they do not have to be the owner of the car. No, you can cover all the cars registered at one address no matter who they belong to, as there will be multiple policyholders. For immediate family members they can still be covered under your MultiCar policy, even if they live at different addresses. No. Because we use the telematics device to monitor your driving, we’ll only cover you for the car it’s fitted in.

No, no claim discount entitlement cannot be used on more than one vehicle at a time. The no claim discount you are using to support your Just Add Fuel Insurance application must be available to use from the start date of your Just Add Fuel Insurance policy. No. Charge them rent. In fact, set quarterly increases. It’s not possible to have an adult child live at home and not take advantage. They are used to being treated like a child and they will continue to behave like one. No. Each policy has a single login to the Dashboard, though you are free to share this with other people if you choose to do so.

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