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The Three pheromones in You Before I go on explaining the 3 contradicting types of love, let me just quickly talk about the 3 different brains that we all possess. Believe it or not, we don’t just have one brain inside of our skull, we all have three different brains. And the problem with these three brains is that they all have their own sets of rules, desires and fears. They can all work very well by themselves as individual independent brains, but together, they sometimes form a terrible team. Learn more about pheromones at and
These  pheromone changes ensured mammals could survive in conditions that reptiles could not; and it also gave mammals more choices in food. However, mammals have to spend time protecting and raising their young. As you probably know, when a baby lion is born, it isn’t strong enough to protect itself, and nor has it experienced enough in the world to be able to find food by itself. So the guidance and protection from his mother and father (and the pride) are essential for not only the survival of the baby lion, but also the propagation of their species. Compare that to reptiles. When a baby reptile is hatched from the egg, he needs to immediately find his own protection and food. (He is pre- programmed in his DNA on how to do that.) In fact, sometimes the baby has to hide from its own mother as the mother reptile will eat her  own offspring! (I know it’s hard to imagine eating your own babies, but reptiles don’t have those emotions that you and I do! Food is still just food to them.) Learn more at
So in order for mammals to be able to protect their own offspring, a new layer of brain was laid on top of them. We don’t just have one brain, in fact, we all have three brains.
Now what’s fascinating about these 3 individual pheromones is that each of them work very  well on their own. They can do very well working just by themselves. But the problems that they are not very well connected to each other.
They can’t communicate very effectively to each other without pheromones. As a result, we often experience conflicts between the physical, the emotional and the logical part of our Every Contradiction in your love life is the result of a contradiction in these 3 types of love. Don’t let him in on every little detail about “Remember to do exciting things in your own life, by yourself or with friends, that drive up your own dopamine levels.”
Think this gets a little contradictory? Yep. So do I So the overall key is to recognize that you will have these contradictions, and to always fulfill each part of your brain, and fulfill each part of you that hungers for a different type of love, so that you are fulfilled. It’s the same with success in anything. The most successful people in the world in any area – whether it be in sports, in business.

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