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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Lao – Tzu How was yesterday? Did you enjoy the TED talk? This journey might not be a thousand miles, but you are going to feel a thousand times better when it’s complete. Keep that end goal in mind: picture yourself, completely in charge of your l ife, and whether or how you express yourself sexually. That vision is what will sustain you through the hardest moments. Today, let’s talk about how we’re going to abstain from PMO for the next 30 days. First things first. The chain of pornography, mast urbation & orgasm is a habit that can easily lead men (& women) into a cycle of use that slowly erodes healthy sexual functioning, mental clarity, & quality of life. The good news: you can unmake this habit. (In fact, you’ve already started.) Learn more about Vigrx Plus at and

The bad news: once the habit is established, it can be very hard to break. How hard? Well, from the group of 250 people who went through initial versions of this program, the most difficult period seems to be in the first five days. Most people experienced a relapse on day 2, day 3, or day 5. So if you can make it out of the first week, things get easier. Let’s talk a little bit about why this change is so difficult. Science of Behavior Change: Habits & Willpower As you probably learned in the TEDx talk, vie wing sexually graphic images on the regular really screws up our brain’s reward system. Those who are addicted to porn, masturbation & orgasm have created a powerful habit, and the task before is nothing less than the unmaking of that habit, literally the re – wiring of the brain. We know from scientific research that this task will be much easier if we work to replace this existing bad habit with a healthier habit The main point from the research is to make new behaviors we want to add as easy & concret e as possible. In my view, there are two giants of behavior change: Stanford’s BJ Fogg is one of them, and he focuses on building habits. The other is Dr. Kelly McGonigal, who wrote the book (literally) on Willpower (see the Resources section). Over t he next 30 days, we’ll be marrying BJ Fogg’s approach to ‘tiny habit’ change with Kelly McGonigal’s summary of the research on how to build willpower: the result being a new, more powerful you . Now it’s time for marching orders. You have two tasks today: 1. Make & keep a commitment to yourself to abstain from porn, masturbation or orgasm. Just for today. 2. Start a journal in which you can record any thoughts you have about the process, or your progress. (This will help you track your moods & energy levels.) Stick with those two things and you will get through today. Day Two Making Better Circumstances People are always blaming circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them. George Bernard Shaw I’ve always liked the Shaw quote above: it’s a take – charge kind of quote, and clearly, you’re a take – charge kind of guy (or gal). Today, you have a mission: call a friend and organize a run for tomorrow. Here’s why: exercise is the #1 method of building willpower. Dr. Kelly McGonigal says: “Exercise turns out to be the closest thing to a wonder drug that self – control scientists have discovered. . . the willpower effects are immediate.” And that brings us to today’s Science Lesson. Science of Behavior Change: What Builds (& Drains) Willpower Yesterday we met BJ Fogg, who is crazy about habits . Learn more at

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