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There are other more effective ways of imposing one’s authority during a past life regression, remember that. This is but one way of agreeing with a client to enhance the harmony but at the same time imposing a very specific standard of conduct during a past life regression session). So far we have been discussing simple yet effective ways to overcome common challenges that are brought about by the client. However, I have to be truthful with you: not all challenges are born from the physical plane. Learn more at and

What I mean to say is that sometimes, obstacles to an effective regression session are brought about by the spiritual companions themselves. I know that this might sound like a huge burden especially to those who find past life regression a bit more complex than the usual hypnosis session. However, we still need to discuss this issue because you will eventually encounter a client who will say that they are being barred from continuing further into their spiritual journey. When a spiritual teacher or spiritual companion suddenly steps in and forcefully stops a freely journeying spirit from continuing their quest in the spiritual plane a long journey can suddenly grind to a halt. Your client will immediately tell you that something is holding them back even though they really want to keep going forward. Some people will say that they have suddenly become afraid of something, as if there was a presence that did not want them to continue. How do you know if a client was really being blocked for continuing by a spiritual companion? The best way to test is by gauging how deeply the client is in their journey and why they were suddenly blocked by a spiritual guide. Some seasoned regressionists say that younger individuals tend to experience this challenge more than older clients probably because they have yet to experience more difficult or challenging avenues of life. He who was really excited and was sharing so many things with you is unlikely to stop sharing unless something was really barring their way. A spiritual companion can suddenly block out the details of a memory and send an ominous message to turn back and leave. The type of exchange that you will get from a person who was being barred by a spiritual companion will be completely different from the exchange that you will have from a person who was just inventing stuff because they did not want to continue with the regression anymore. Why does this challenge happen in the first place? It is generally believed in the circles of past life regression that some people are blocked by spiritual companions because the companions feel that it is not yet time for certain individuals to learn the vital insights from past life memories. My opinion is that every person has the divine right to unfettered self-discovery. Not even a spiritual companion can decide for another soul. I have encountered many a regressionist who chose to follow the ‘advice’ of spiritual guides. My challenge with this approach is that if you continue backing off whenever blockades are set up by spiritual companions, you won’t get very far during past life regression sessions because you are allowing external agents to dictate the flow of the regression. As far as we are concerned, the only person who can tell us to stop the regression is the client and no one else. Spiritual companions are indeed wise and they have more familiarity of the spiritual plane than we do. Learn more at

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