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The input stage consists of an electronic balanced input which precedes an RF suppression circuit. A specially designed second order cross-over network, in combination with the drivers produces an acoustic fourth order response which produces great recordings for digital audio transcription. The drivers are electronically time aligned.

The crossover output is fed to two similar amplifiers. The HF amplifier is capable of reproducing very high level transients without clipping. The amplifiers are mounted on an aluminium panel that also acts as the heat sink. A sealed compartment near the base of the enclosure is used to house the electronics. The mains input connector, mains fuse, balanced XLR input connector and the volume control are mounted on the panel.

Enclosure: The “HALO” is a floor standing two speaker system, the bass unit is placed at the top of the lower enclosure, above which is mounted a curvilinear cone turned from solid aluminium; the tweeter is mounted at the front of the upper enclosure, facing forward. The standard enclosure is constructed from 18mm thick medite, lined with 4mm thick bitumen to mute cabinet resonance and 40mm thick acoustic foam is used to eliminate internal reflections.

An alternative cabinet material for the customer to consider is Corian, which is renowned for being of very high density and incredibly well-damped, making it an almost idea material for loudspeaker cabinet construction. Unfortunately, Corian is a relatively expensive material to source and to machine, hence using it as the cabinet material does attract a premium compared to the MDF version. However, what you then have is a unique product with a unique sound. And through a special licensing deal with DuPont, we are able to offer the HALO in a wide range of specific Corian colours.