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With more than two million unique and well-reviewed properties, you should be able to find the perfect home for yourself in Hong Kong. Whether you want to live with family, or friends or just want accommodation for work, options exist to help you get the right compact place in the city of Hong Kong, home to manyluxury boutiques, art galleries, and street vendors offering manydifferent kinds of food.

Hong Kong is a city that welcomes a high number of tourists and students. It owns the largest number of tourist attractions as well as people who are relocating from other parts of the world. Here we will showcase the best-furnished apartments for short-term accommodation in HK.

Details of the short-term accommodation in HK

You will get accommodation in the most energetic and vibrant place in Hong Kong, which comprises of 48 rooms. Students can enjoy luxury-style amenities with a uniquely structured living area. The siteis located in Tsuen Wan, easily accessible, it takes only 7 minutes to the Tsuen Wan station and 15 minutes to Kowloon Station.

The stunning place owns vibrancy and bold contrast. Each apartment and room offers a perfect blend of contemporary and stylish design. The atmosphere is comfortable and is purely elegant. You will feel at home.

Local scene of the short term accommodation in HK

The property is in the middle of Hong Kong, which is very near to the central market. You will find the traditional Chinese as well as alocal street market, which offers the vast array of vegetables, fruits, and fish. You will also find the mid-level of theescalator, which is easy to access and connects to many of the attractions in the area including various art galleries, antique shops, restaurants, and fashionable area.

Facilities available for short term accommodation in HK

You will find amazing and uniquely structured services for students so that they will have anexcellent experience.


The bedrooms are well spaced and well equipped with essential equipment such as lockable drawers, rails for hanging clothes, shelves for storage, sockets, USB hubs, desk lamps and study tables. Rooms for students have 4 individual beds with clean linens and are accompanied with thoughtful design. The space provided for aliving is well spaced and unique. Rentersare provided with high-speedInternet, multi-functional table, fitted kitchenette and private bathroom.

• Outdoor facilities

The outdoor and summer facilities includes sauna, fitness center, swimming pool and Jacuzzi. You can spend thetime to relax with the wellness center to leave you feeling rejuvenated and fresh. Plenty of space is provided for the people to enjoy socializing, sharing, relaxing and avariety of activities.

These luxurious, boutique and fully furnished serviced apartments are available for anaffordable price. You can enjoy short term accommodation in HKin the spacious room where you will find yourself comfortable and productive. Some accommodations also have discount offers, you should not ignore them. It is not because you want to get low quality offers but it also states and expresses that you have many choices.